will power

will you please hand me some will power. i got on the yellow brick road because deep down i’m a coward. i was already graced with free will. but those shoes are much too big to fill. again my strength tries to fight. and again my weakness prevails.

no is a word i rarely use. except when you choose to leave then i’ll scream it at you. yes is boldly written on the width of my forehead. questioned. favor. deed. promises. always kept. compliments. blush. turning more red.

choices. hmmm. save that for a whole other letter. my problem is controlling this dose of will power. you already know i’m fantasy. fantasizing. fiction. dreaming. ask me to jump and i find myself leaping. ask me to come and i’ll be there quickly. without even thinking. because it feels good. thriving on a high instead of craving food. unless i’m high then you know what i do. i eat anything i see and everything i could.

yeah, it’s a will power issue. it’s a condition i choose. a race that i lose. i need will power! a prescription i’ll use. will you give me the power? the change for the better.

i’ll take it forever.