it’s been a while since my stomach growled.
have i really been that comfortable?

indulging. lusting. spinning around. it’s nothing.
have i been blind to the intangible?

my consumption has been plenty. but as i
contemplate, i’ve been empty.

my stomach was full of fillings. but really all i needed
was food for my soul. a new beginning.

my soul craves meaning. now, my
stomach growls. i am awakening.

what a reminder this is to my being. splurging.
flirting. an endless shopping spree.

disaster is what it brings. a hollow shell where
love vibrates and hate sings. fill me.

my soul knows where to get it’s nourishment.
thank God for his encouragement.

i’m praying now. i’ve learned how greed can defeat that.
i’m dancing now. to the beat of my growling stomach.