“most men live in silent desperation.” wow, how draining.
i heard these words today. and i couldn’t help but to agree.
as they dance in my head. i’m thinking. i’m falling. into it’s seduction.
is it the self pity that i possess. because that’s always my first reaction.
is it the test that i haven’t passed. because, on this road, i find no traction.
is it the truth that i have to face. poof. i want it to be erased. it’s not that easy.

investment. house. build up.
disappointment. doubt. give up.

have you ever made a gift and given it without expectation.
i’m not talking about a gift in return. but without reaction.
nada. zilch. not a smile. not a smirk. not even a look.

investment. house. build up.
treasure. find. dumb luck.

have you ever built something and stood proud by it’s side.
not physically. not holding it. but gracing it with an internal pride.
all. todo. gleaming inside. confined by a seamless stitch.

materials. possessions. souls. relations.
i’ll lose mine if you lose me. this is the way.
it’s supposed to be. the price to be free.

i’m not built for this nine to five system. i fight with words, not
my fist and if i was to disappear, who would know that i’m missing.
ok, maybe you and you. and even you too.
but there’s nothing that YOU could do.
fed up. tipping point. broken down. nothing.