my words are few. im not expressingly witty like you. suppressing the truth. we’ve all fallen victim. guessing what to choose. the answer is not one – and – two. rather it’s – or – two. both ways can’t be right. philosophy is elementary when it comes to the most high. God rules any science. it’s quite obvious. he made the sky. and what surrounds us.

i’m so simple, yet i’m blessed with a complex mind. no other solution. just intelligent design. denying reality is intellectual suicide. it’s just not right. why should i be allowed to choose my own laws. i make mistakes daily. framing. my own flaws. and hanging them. on those walls.

i can’t keep assuming that life is to be so cozy. this is not a buffet. it’s not made to go my way. around me. i’m not the center of gravity. i can’t pick and choose the one who created me. i’m bound to lose. i’m so weak. you see. i can’t continue leading my life based on feelings that are fuzzy.

“Spirituality without truth
is mere sentiment.”
a game. back
forth. excuses.
‘that’s not. what
i meant.’

political correctness is the wife of tolerance. the most powerful couple in this part of the world. why do we have to be convinced that God is real. the tower of babble served a purpose. we need to shade with gray and stop repressing the colors.

my perceptions seem radical. but deceptions are subtle. like bed bugs. they crawl. and make ways of their own. to make it the norm. just let me be alone. i’ve fallen. believe me. i’m still falling, see! that’s why i can’t be my own god. that’s why i see through this facade.

my ducts cry buckets of wrong. but, my God. oh God. he keeps me strong. truth.