notes from monday night’s class.
where else but in…

art history. four thirteen.
contmeporary art’s. history.
second row. middle seat.
[doubtful thoughts? just her theory.]

Gustav Klimt. statement. beheading.
Laura Mulvey. Frued. and castrating.
come on rachel. take me away. help me.
[i’d rather be. in massage therapy.]

messagenist. psycho-analysis.
Carolee Schneenam pulling
scrolls from her vagina.
[is this really school?]

object of fascination.
Jessica Simpson.
blonde ambition.
[is this a history representation?]

phallus is a symbol.
not an actual penis. reasons
for art. women lacking genitles.
[what are we studying?]

someone just blurted out
bitches ain’t shit. and are
nothin’ but whores and hookers.
[check out ohhla.com for a hiphop lesson.]

[three hours. finally up.]
oh crap, we have an exam
next monday. i guess i should
have taken better notes today.

maybe i’ll cut up some coke.
[roll my scantron and snort.]
and join my professor in a mean
rail for an A on this bullshit.