here’s some awe.

my boys
are full of
awe and
then some.

my youngest son
runs and jumps
from the
top bunk.

head hooded with
towel and
oven mitt-
covered hands.

some sort of
glorious, warrior,
lionheart, brave
cave man.

he explains
how pens are like

the other, my
oldest questioning
dictionary defintions
with his imagination.

and ordering tasks
on a calendar. more
organized than pops
who holds multiple jobs.

he goes on
about how he wants
to build a robot.
if he can’t have a dog.

an apartment. our dwelling.
but we’re still awesome.
we do things a 9-5
dad can’t phathom.

we have the biggest backyard.
the park.
and a four-story house. when
you count the attic and
top bunk.

singing out. estatic. farting noises.
treehouse. movies. and skateboards.
paper airplanes. dancing. lemonade stands.
every single mundane daily action.

we’ve got some awfully great
imaginations. we’re simply
the princeboys. always
cheering awesommme.