mexica. i love.

mexico or bust. i busted. i must of lost all courage. ever since maria. sound of music. julie andrews. left my insides. in hysteria. so long, farewell. spewing. literal uneasy’s. pills. refilling. anxiety peaking. she left me. so i packed. and planned. then headed. for the train. station. “to laugh like a brook when it trips and falls over stones on its way.” doe. rey. me. fah. sew. la. tea. stay. our life is here.

everything was set.

i made a book. twelve pages. starting with my departure. a disappearance of self. after last seeing her. she would be responsible. at least she would think. ditch etta. on foot. via san juan capistrano. el tren viajar. to the border. to catch el autobus. three hours more. to that route. sleep. z’s. ocean breeze. puerta la trampa. tecate factory. calculating the peso. dollar. exchange. and the easiest. non-traceable way of transportation.

by now. warnings would go out.

word about town. he was gone. i finished the lyrics to ‘you too.’ en ensenada. she said. she said. oh, you too. but i still. still love you. the plan. an easy one. get a drink at a bar. and a job i would land. tending it. damn. that always happens. i did it in greece, specifically – rhodes. and the lake district – england’s north. shack up with my first eye connection. surprisingly. it lasted a month.

but i gotta. i gotta. get to guadalajara.

without tequila. i found a newspaper in english? 40 watt bulb. burned the inside of my scalp. here’s my curriculum vitae. in exchange for a lime. blessing in disguise. sneeze. ‘you too.’ pounding. red light. i love december baja nights. i chug flat sprite. three-hundred thousand pesos. to my life. can’t go back. passport expired. no one to call. already hired. doing layouts. six-columns wide. this is it. i miss you tonight.

mexica. urgency. hurry. up. wait.

stuck. in love. free. passion. ringing.

thirty-story building. when will you get here?

it’s been two years. this isn’t fair.

mexica. patience. time. sacrifce.