June, 2008



– brianprince

the hotter it gets.
the older i feel.
eighty degrees.
80 years old.

81. another year. fahrenheit heightens. another step toward

82. dry skin. cracking loam. becoming less of a man. alone.

83. can’t breathe. can’t see. what goals left unachieved, too old to

84. hospice. clausterphobic tunnel. in my own capsule. melting

85. sun bursting. son coming. blinding. the

“the five-year forecast is not so cool, over to you adrienne.”

“thanks chris. hello, i’m adrienne bennett and up next
we’ll take a look into your next life, live at 6.”

and the credits pass on the screen.


– brianprince

bottle the ocean.

it looks clear.

imprision the sky.

air disappears.

blue is a made-up pigment. a
figment of our imagination. a
fabricated. hallucination.

not fire. nor air. not dirt.
i searched. the plants. and water.
not Homeric poetry. not anywhere.

just the hollow bodies.
of mass sandwiching us.
a mellow glare. trans-
lucent. see-through. clear.

the ocean’s depths. dirty charcoal.
yucatan peninsula water falls. o’er
my own genuine blue eyes as
the myan ruins reveal my lie.

forgetting this blue collar
mess with ripped terminology.
denim turned to jeans
post war. 1950s.

blue is not real.
(eye) see right through (them)
in water’s reflection.
pinch me.

so i may know
that i’m


about love

– brianprince

about love.

when the search for love is nonexistent.
cupids fall fast and persistent.
the reasons
i married

too young. still dumb. but some
how, figured it out.
it was more than
drug rehab

at age twenty-three. and
having a baby for

i don’t

worry (period).


i have

ded benefit of constantly
falling googly over
those i mesh

i will still have a life full of love. perpetual
falling. awkwardly knowing. my childish
spirit. always growing.

as i can share my
love with you.

and you.

and (quote) you too (unquote).

ok, and you

as well.

black & decker grill

– brianprince

missed opportunity
to touch (a jazz)
bigger than life
fire making beauty.

smoked charcoal
licking my lips
satisfaction of adam
removing one of his ribs.

in order to possess
his life’s purpose
a place to rest, (take
refuge) in the garden.

three burner
vanilla ice stripes
in the eyebrow and
side burns.

i always wanted you.

i just couldn’t find you.

(confused) in suburbia.

she sits east of brooklyn
cookin my favorite phrases
completing a soul
three times deranged.

track star porcelain coated
cast iron (gridlock)
city street breakers
beastie’s hip hop.

knowledge of all elements
not earth wind and fire
but cardboard boom box
mic and krylon.

top-rockin electric boogie
moonwalk body poppin
footwork (headspin) favorite
move is still—the microphone.

mike the poeT will tell you
everything about my city
jack hammers scaffolding
the things i saw on tv.

raised on special ed’s
flat bush avenue
“haven’t you” (been down) before
my dream of you before.

three bars dip drawers grind
raw meat seared to perfection
ain’t nothing like salt & pepa’s

built-in gauge reads
too hot we’re steaming
sprinkling the meat
with colorful seasonings.

it’s father’s day and i got me
a tight grill on the deck
fulfilled dreams the smoke
hits my neck

visions of you
your scent (rests) in
our childhood
based on keith sweat.

i’ll give all my love to you
in the rain
make it hot rob
base and dj ez rock’s

joy and pain.

slick rick gave us
teenage love
coltrane blessed (us) with
the maturity we speak of.

as i
wave my hands in the air
i know
that you’re there.