4 corners

uniform. routine.
front right:
cellphone, LG.
front left:
lip balm. pen. car key.

back right:
cashless wallet. two IDs.
back left:
little yellow book. diary.
• daily inspirations
• scribbles
• full of secrets
in it lies entries
like this.

when an idea pulls. pops. bangs. hits.
it gets jotted down.
• on
• a
• list
mostly it’s • life. goin on bout the kids.
sometimes the wife. more bout the mistress…
formally formed into some
heavyweight cinderella man

undefeated yellow book
up against cashless wallet.
*ding ding* ‘in this corner…’
the announcer shouted.
crooked back. fat ass. ‘are you ready to…’

rumble. exhausted. stumble to bed.


the pants fall like
an accordian.
last note of the national
all four corners
in unison.

alarm clock.

seven a.m.
legs back in
to two slinky dink-shaped
funnels at bedside.
pull the acordian up.
*ding ding* another day.
must rise.

check right. check left.
• no calls.
• lips dry.
• no cash.
• car’s crashed.

pen’s filled. page’s empty.
• knock out.
uniform. routine.