In the midst of 1976 I managed to make a presence on Earth. Born to a mother I never knew. And of a seed whose origination was a mystery until i turned 42. The first stage of my life on Earth was lived in an adoption agency. It wasn’t until three months later that I received two loving guardians, a mother and a father. They already had another child three years my senior. She was a good bully. She still is. We lived safely in a suburban community directly east of the City of Angels.

Quietly inspired by Hotwheels cast iron and the freedom of an abundant backyard overlooking the 60 Freeway, I became well-versed in the machine-earth balance. There was plenty of dirt, grass and bushes. The trees were big. My eyes were big. I played in the bushes as they were my fort. Once, I strategically blew a hole through our garage door with a soccer ball. My precision and aggression forced my dad to replace the plywood, but sports kept me out of trouble as I got older. I smashed Hotwheels with a hammer. Tools were fascinating. And my dad had the coolest car in the garage. It came from an era in which I wished I lived now. Back when things were human and unabbreviated. Before harmony became harmful.

Detail-oriented was just part of my package. I might not have known what Sav-on’s was, but I did know that it was spelled wrong. I wore Pro-Wings from Payless Shoes. I didn’t care what the brand was, all I knew is that they made me run fast. And fast I was. So symmetrical my teachers were worried when they saw the name on my papers spelled Brian Prian. I never knew why I did that and I still don’t. My last name is cool. It’s origin is actually Sicilian. Principato. Bet you didn’t know that. However my blood is from another origin. But you already knew that.

Beautiful things are what my eyes always saw. Everything had a glow. I used to take things apart, and never put them back together the same way. If at all. And more times than not, other things always got my attention. You’re good if you’re other. And if you’re another, you’re all right with me. I love the smell of grass. And gasoline. I love to stare at the stars. And drink water. Still my all-time favorite beverage. I’ve always been kind of independent. But kind of dependent too. I love the color green. And it has nothing to do with money. Orange also makes me happy. I like eating them too. Nature always seemed to be my reward. And like many, I could marry a sunset. I prefer to be hot rather than cold and dirty rather than clean. Just in case you were wondering.

Being smart was only a trend in my life. It came and went real quick. But the most intelligent thing I’ve ever realized is that Love is the most powerful of all. I didn’t always know that. And having my own offspring isn’t the only explanation for that wisdom. I think everything happens for a reason. And that there is a reason for everything. But I’m not sure why ears and finger nails keep growing. And growing. I believe it’s better to see new things rather than have new things. I like to crunch numbers, but only my own. I ran 26.2 miles in 4 hours and 30 minutes with only 2 hours of sleep. Then, 6 months later, I ran 26.2 more miles in 4 hours and 19 minutes because I had 8 hours of sleep. And yes, my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

I’m an artist because of the way i arrange my life. I’m a designer, which is not to be mistaken as a creator. For every thing that we design comes from creation. Creative thinking isn’t just thinking different. Or using the right brain. It’s thinking for real. How deep is for real? Well, it’s right in front of you. I like to leave the manufactured thinking for the Engineers. I believe in only one truth. How did I end up in Advertising? I have no idea. But I still have big eyes.