Oh, what’s this

i did it again…

i drove straight in…

to all the journals
and notebooks.
suffocating in boxes.
at the back of the closet.

dust off. cough up. feelings
from before. now i’m breathing.
it in.

pulsating. vibrating. like the liquid jiggling in my glass. through the ice. may it pass. like the sound of paper tearing. to shreds. the smell of roots and reggae beats. presents. where i’m supposed to be.

here i go. to satisfy my alter-ego. a fully grown man. who likes to write everything down. in ridiculous rhymes. i’m back. and it’s frightening.

did you miss me? i did. indeed. like sugar to someone with diabetes. could someone please define eternity. the issue burning within me. i’m here begging. throw this dog a treat. i’m seeking. change. but it’s so easy to keep it the same. routine. i need to understand. the undertones. of everyone. as they pick a bone.

with me.

stick around. at least for this week.