thick and leathery. the crocodile.
golden tan skin. an open wide smile.
aged like bark. rough like a reptile.
the butterfly lands and stays awhile.

multitudes are landing. six. seven. eight. but
of all the pretty species. there is no relation.
belting out a song. no one hears them singing.
friends with the bees. we only see their wings.

it’s a beautiful thing. natural colors.
matching the flowers. becoming mothers.
with who? with you. the wood-shingled roof.
still fluttering. still flying. still on the move.

were dinosaurs honestly real? it’s amazing how
butterfly wings are perfectly symmetrical.
swamp land. with beautiful sky. contrast. hue.
perfect waves. on a foggy day. saturation.

yin yang. twinkies and ding dongs.
tears flow. for both. happy and sad songs.
my life is an oxy moron. but that’s
what i like the most about my