just listen

road rage. is like a homemade bird cage. you trapped yourself. thoughts wrapped tight. clinched with a belt. you can’t breathe. you can’t feel. all you do is just blow steam.
what’s wrong with this world that we are living in. the resistance. stronger than our own beliefs within.

dave, my neighbor.
i found him sitting next to the safe. with his gun. but in this case. the empty bottle of jack won.
why do we do this to ourselves. and why was he there for 4 days before anyone noticed? it’s not all relative. put that shit back into the book where you found it. and look around.
just listen.

it’s tolerance. that turned the twin towers to dust. is it really OK to form a religion that way? to create a god around your pleasures for the day? comfort. right? wrong. mind.
just listen.

the worst law is that of the wayward views. by defining what’s right for you. it differs within a group. all these rules and debates. get deeper and deeper. buried. rest in peace. against the stakes. living off People magazine. and Newsweek. where’s the rules? why are we ignoring the universal truth?

easier said than done, i suppose. maybe for someone, but not this one. you know, me! it just comes naturally. i mean, come on, someone has to relate to me. someone without enemies. please. we need to worry about the six-year old kids. who go with their parents to watch horror flicks. and on the 6-o’clock news. stories of oral sex and booze. teenage marriage. these are the things i’m scared of.

executing men and persecuting christians. that’s the least of my worries. it’s a feast on the weak. when sixteen-year-old girls are cutting themselves. to hide the pain. with their very own blood stream.

just listen.