it’s time to divide. and conquer. draw the line. and delete. my wrong. this time. reside. on the right side. come on, i’m a smart guy. i don’t play with sharp knives. i must of lost my mind. the line started thin, and parts were missing. but now those crimes. go to the other side. and get stuffed. into the archives.

an old highway. all divided. no progress. all play. it was like surgery. an “oddly peaceful urgency.” dotted line. changing lanes. going haywire. every which way. but today. i’m painting in my boundaries. i’m not crossing. for what’s within. already lies plenty of discoveries. to play with. it’s greener here. life without fear. so much in my face. over-flowing. rewarding. offering plate. anything beyond. brings confusion. and sorrow. if it doesn’t feel right, it’s clearly wrong by definition. the difference between. belief and believing. not just the spelling. the choice where i’m dwelling. choosing to rest. you’re taking apart lives. don’t believe the hype. i’m avoiding dark skies. making a wise life. focusing on light skies. in case i die. when the lord comes for his bride. i need to be. undeniably. on the right side.

weighing the two angels. resting upon my frail shoulders. i loved the good one just as much as the other. i yelled. somebody. anybody. split me up. i wanted it all. both worlds. todos. the blonde. and the red-headed girl. the questions arise. the “right” always screams. and demands. while the “devil” whispers and takes my hand. this spiritual battle. knows who i am. and it’s drawing the line.

providing for my family is more rewarding for me. it’s unbelievably exciting. and incredibly exhausting. but it’s a dream. it’s my life. it’s everything i wanted. to produce little me’s. back then i was selfishing speaking. but those plans became reality. at the age of twenty-three. and to marry kristy, my junior high crush. when she said hi, i would instantly blush. this is love. now we can grow old together. yearn for a world that is better. who would have thought. except for our God. hope’s chances increased. i can’t go anywhere but further. up. down. at least i’ll be bound to the side of the line that pleases my father.

i have heart burn. but it’s a good thing. the burning of my heart. the way that it should. the passion. the freedom. all wrapped into one. burrito. within. meat. cheese. jalepeno. just one order. a border, but limitless, nonetheless. i’m defining my line. i’m really starting to like. my side. this time.