it’s fire. where you’re concerned.
match dot com. who got burned.
strike the box. ten pins over.
slick fucking lanes. in the gutter.

there’s no one else. all out of words.
no future to go back to. that’s absurd.
i just do. what i have to do. avoiding.
it’s a dying leap. across these buildings.
the winds jaded me. chapped me dry.
now i’m brittle. disgruntle. can’t even cry.

stoned. cracked. junkie. the real me.
alone. in the past. a has-been mystery.
take a taste. swallow whole. now shit it out.
fade away. never know. what i’m about.

the only answer on the test. was clear.
my fear of repeating the past. bubble in.
the right answer and. float. get popped again.
coals are red hot. the risk of getting caught.
haven’t i defined my line. the discomfort of fire.
i’m not. who i was. i can’t handle. our love.

i died on your shrine. you’re stuffed in my archives.
a broken heel. a cut gum. a trip to visit. the persian.
cats crawl. up the curtains. your laugh. i miss.
it’s gone. but it’s forever. it’s fire. branded.

i can’t hold. these coals. any longer.
it’s was my flame to blame. and now
i’m not the same. i remember the santa ana wind
and i can’t make that mistake again.

that’s my reason.