here in dallas. just waiting. and pacing.
park it and have a taste at blue mesa.
blue moon cerveza. service with a smile.
it’s spicy picante. my nose runs like the nile.

an hour and a half to kill. lets run up the bill.
on the company card. not work’s, but mine.
primate design won’t mind. but hey, that’s my dime.
oh well. im so swell, cuz im almost home.

there are no more sweet potato chips. can’t have it all.
but thats all i needed. on this trip so long. so far.
t-mobile hot spot. i just paid six bucks. so i can
upload these words. that dont mean shit.

it doesnt matter anyhow. every one’s more mad. now
that i’ve been gone. it makes it easier to discover my own
self. oh well. both coasts are yelling at me. that makes
middle america that much more appealing. you see.



ahh hell.

i got 30 more minutes, until my six dollars are finished.
i’m gonna use all my time. even without my favorite chips.
the blue moon satisfied. more than any virtual presence.
yes. it’s all coming out. but the comments are kept.


passive. aggressive. never violent. or a menance.
i just fight with these words. and curse. to win it.
do you believe this is on the fly? or was this a dream
from yesterday. i will not lie. i typing live. extempore.

the story of my life. nothing is planned. much love to you
and i wish that everything was right. so simple. and easy.
i love my wife. more than than my own life. that’s why
i do this. expression. to get through it. good bye. it’s 8:42.