relentless courage.
something i possess.
block. captivated. cut off.
put to death.
by conventional thinking. the media.
and the press.
the plan. the path. you failed. succeed.
no, success.
when i see the things
we’re supposed to do.
never giving up. it’s not easy.
break through.

this summer
stood for
i learned that
i fall
for anything.
the sun, so bright,
brought meaningless fights.
where i have no rights.

mr. passive. door mat.
stand for something.
in the desert.
the dry. mild. wind
and wild tumbleweeds
blow in.
to chap my mind.
leaving a fungus
crippling my spine.

mr. positive. flourishing.
nice guys get to the back
of the line.
i’m fine with that.
to finish last.
cinderella. chores.
opening doors. napkins
on my lap.
suppressing the urge
for more.