you say, if life was just a marshmallow, it would be all fluff. would adding some graham and chocolate. make it enough? more real? s’more appeal. depth and feeling. mixed together. but not without fire. burn. If you can’t put out the fire. admire the flame. i see now. it’s making sense. sticky. messy. gooey. all in the same.

i just want to get coffee with you. ok maybe a tea. but mainly, i just want to have a meeting. to talk about everything. a social club. of two. we’re social bugs. we do similar things that make us one being. figuratively speaking. it’s just strange. this relationship. from one coast to another. it’s like we have the same mother. you know my sister found her real mom in new hampshire. i find it fascinating. she even met her over coffee. i’ve never tried. i think too much. never with action. i’m stuck. in my own imagination.