plus column (+)

welcome. smile. enter the room. it’s worthwhile. a unique
approach. to a culture reinforced. by the promotion of positivity.

waking up extra early to spot the one encouraging
my purity. cleansing all that is dirty. “let’s keep building.”
huge buildings. a perpendicular (+) logo. approving.
and using the solidity of concrete to hold the affirmative
elevator. from the first floor. to suites on the top story.

from floor to ceiling.
run from negativity.
conform to promising.
from more to infinity.
something worthy. a
depression. remedy.

up. up. arriba. open-mind. open-sight. creativity.
open-hearts. constant sowing. forgoing what we reap.
let’s believe only what’s right from the top views.
keep our heads high and knees glued to the pews.
“If you had wings would you take me to the skies?
I swear you could just drop me off on a cloud…” inspiring.

constantly smiling.
this volume of content = overflowing.

so many ulterior motives from secret organizations.
let’s release our one-and-only concealed organized motivation.
this culture reinvented. through more intervention.
pumping. flowing. in the zone. keep going.
a factory of positivity. producing nothing but productivity.

only pulling. up. our actions erupt. into action.
leave our thoughts and words as secondary reactions.
be the part of change that we always wanted to act on.
let’s see the day. our way. and lead this + direction.
not to mention. that service equals joy.

with smiles. and styles that fix. and uplift. the spirit.
put a stop to the destruction. and all the assumptions.
so we can function as one. as we accept our differences.
need not blame. but change that begs for passive aggressiveness.
this message is bound to fall into the plus column. it’s essential.
it’s different. not like the normal volcano. of problems.

the art of two lines.



mark what’s right.