one nation going under

does it really bother you that God is in the pledge of allegiance.
was it a mistake not to think of all the religions. and races.
the capital building. the faces that grace the money you love.
making Truth a multiple-choice question. answering all of the above.

one nation under the Coca Cola Companies.
one nation under Lee Iacocca’s entities.
one nation under the reliable Pope. hmm.
an oceanographer’s view. of the continental slope.

one nation under the beloved ‘lovin’ it’ golden arches.
one nation under my IRA from H&R Block. and
one nation under the friendly environmentalists.
forcing us to use. the ‘made in china’ shit.

one nation under my favorite band. and idol.
one nation under the Marlboro man. on his saddle.
one nation under clothing brands. Obey. and Ecko.
the battle between two connections. an Internet host.

one nation going under.
the formation of mindless wonder.
why do i rely on Man. to fulfill
the things only God can.
and will.

one nation under all those pills.
one nation under the term, pharmaceuticals.
one nation under cheap cheap thrills.
what happened to depth. we’re numb to what’s real.

one nation under praising your stinky pet.
one nation under raising the black jack bet.
one nation under facebook and myspace.
false profiles like Michael Jackson’s face.

one nation under eastern religions.
one nation obeying some form of zen.
one nation under gucci eye glass frames.
yoga. qi gong. reiki. pilates. meditation.

one nation under blue ray discs. and HDTV.
one nation becoming reality TV and c-class Mercedes.
one nation under my favorite team.
the good feeling i get. when i scream.

one nation under big fat chrome rims.
one nation buying unnecessary additions.
one nation under the thumping sound systems.
go big or go home. it’s all about super-sizing.

it’s a disgrace naming laws and always amending. flaws. contradicting.
just fess up. and give the beggar a dollar. and stop begging yourself.
set the example. life is not a box of chocolates. or a snickers. these ramifications.
where natural-born greed proceeds. and bickering manifests. seeking satisfaction.

one nation under all this story telling.
one nation under teenage rebellion.
one nation under Sam Walton’s super mart.
everything single thing. in my shopping cart.

it’s time to see the law of believing. coming and going. a ten-fold faith.
start praying. and accepting. not blaming. and expecting. God is creative.
look what we’re made of. suppress the negativity. tune into the correct
frequency. i apologize for preaching. umm, just promote positivity.

we have to give back.
one nation under God.
i’m guilty as charged.
one Love. two paths.
we need the three-stranded chord.