right and wrong

the woman is watchin’
the american television.
her affair every evenin’.
while he’s upstairs
cuddling and readin’
curious george to the boys
believing and writin’.
knotted throat and cryin’.
putting thoughts in his book.

explaining right. and wrong.
it’s becomin’ his nightly. ritual.
sometimes singin’
receivin’ high-brow from
this boy who’s so intellectual.
the daily duty comprises
of him lovin’ that wit.
done givin’ those cooties
when next to you. he sit.

readin’ stories
every night.
explainin’ what’s wrong
and what’s right.
grow up. be young.
show up.
never go
without a fight.

so many lessons boys.
teach him so that he may know.
everyday you reach for him. as
he holds you, he’s thinking
how he’ll never let you go.
not a matter of how tall. or small.
keep watering each other. water
can. sprout. puddle. growing.
catching every fall.

it’s right. next to the remote.
it’s wrong. not to vote.
unless you rock it. mtv.
house. e.r. grey’s anatomy.
background noise. bright blue light
shining beneath the dirty clothes.
put away your toys. play with them.
he knows your life. your confusion.
understanding. wrong doings.

the bachelor, satisfies her.
wrong. casting mild judgments.
right. observing life’s events.
wrong. thoughts of sin.
right. not acting on them.
actions. in the light. naturally,
this man knows
wrong and right.