5-speed. home.

it’s been months now. thirteen of them.
moving forward through the land of freedom.

no one questions. but no
one answers

picking up a job here. and there, to
use the Internet. and brush one’s teeth.
making money to pay for haircuts and a
gym membership to 24-hour fitness.

an ungroomed face in the workplace. out-of-control beard.
means creativity except still labeled displaced. weird.
no job today. organizing the trunk. center console. glove box.
and back seat in the La Rioja milk crate-filled back alley.

the bike. one-speed.
on the rack. three-settings.
afixed to the trunk. the home.

late night local.
inhabiting the number
eighteen treadmill.
and shower stall number 1.

no one questions. but no
one answers

heading back home to the 5-speed.
wondering. lost. wanting. thoughts.
a vision. to find.