i meant (italicized)
to commit
to many things.

i meant (underlined)
to submit to
my authority.

but she said her one son was
the answer. one love
at four years (young).

and i have two
sons. three birds. four cougars.
and three bunnies.

all forcing this
life into one
of idolatry.

south korea. england.
new york. and
new zealand.

(pause) deterioration.

i go over the
f o r m u l a
over and
(caps) over

again. one
that no (bold) one
looks at.

but me (underlined).
accepting what i see.
some form of (italicized)

rotary dial coin slot skipping cd broken sink peanut
butter and jelly crust click push breathe particles
layered dust on the window sill.

commited to a mental
institution (meant to).
middle eastern tradition.

no variety (elipse) —sonic boom—
no room for parady (italics) commit

a process according
to the scribbles
of man.

and a pattern that
to (period).