i’m earth

is happening
and you don’t
hear me.
even after i speak
of this concrete
these buildings
this rearranging
of trees by
your fucking human
means. you still
don’t hear me.
in your perfect
human superiority.
where your world
is lost
in solitary

without seeking
the support
of thee

when i am
filling the reach
willing to teach

to share greatness
to bare witness

in which humans
came from.

claiming life
as independence
life when you’re
you still
don’t hear me.
hunting creatures
for sport. hunting
other humans for oil.
centered on self
but sacrificing
the health
of your own
bones. organs. flesh.
most importantly
your spirit.

i’m confused at best.

this blind sense
of wealth.
you still
don’t hear me.

i’m earth.