i sit

this fast blog just in. baked
fresh from somewhere between
my head and my knees.
making my “Last Login” August 15.
innocence. sigh. my heart’s beating.

ocho. quince. dos mil siete.
anonymous. extinction.
non-existent. incompletion.
incognito. sixteen crayola colors.
bright and beautiful like a quinceañera.
chills, giddy, and smiling out of control.
thrills, silly like i was 15 yrs old.

but really. it’s 2-fold. damn. i’m old.
it’s written on the wall. sit.
lean back too far. and fall.
be my lifeguard tower. you should see all
my writings. but only at the right hour.

short-distance for an instance
amidst the smog and foggy ocean shore.
the spirit in us sets the ease within us.
to see long-distance. for an instance.
amidst the blue and clear ocean view.
near. far. bi. sighted. 20/20. both eyes.

influence. in congruence with future
perceptions. the past deceived you.
told to own the words i received too.
now i’m cautious like the Baby On Board
sign suctioned to the window in the rear.
passionate like my sweaty lower back
sandwiching my shirt between the leather


i sit.