music therapy

music has always been my therapy.
used to soothe me in times of defeat.
confusion crusher. mind set free.
expansion. expression. amongst
the wrath inside of me.
saving my soul,
brave words grow.
no one knows,
the source of my sorrow.
my breath. this war. your treaty.
but never fear. these words
themselves are pouring tears.
reflecting in the mirror.
fogged and unclear. yet,
thought out and so pure.

the battle of expression.
saddle up for this mission,
this journey – take course.
the answers revealed
on the white horse. accept it.
it’s true. the feelings. the burn.
it’s text book. now turn
the page. to revelations
and learn the way. to Jesus.
my music therapy.
poetically sent from above.
it’s natural. meant to love.
block everything else out.
sock satan in the mouth.
as my pen drips
this lyrical madness.
songs and psalms
so beautiful.
even disturbing because
we cant fathom
what we
were meant
to be.