nineteen ninety four.
spring break. getting laid.
on. in. and around rosarito beach.
peeping in at sex shows.
driving. banging unknowns.
to a concert. up north. del mar fairgrounds.
the Offspring. one hour prior.
macking in the parking lot.
with some girl from anaheim.
feeling. me. necking. gwen

my hands forgotten. hearts
belong in england.

two thousand eight.
spring break. dying eggs.
on. in. and around the front yard.
kids peeping out the living room window.
making. cavities. thanks to See’s.
to church. evangelical free. KIIS FM radio.
No Doubt we celebrate easter
remembering not of our bunny’s
but of Jesus. and his
resurrection. how he
freed us.

forteen years forgotten. an
eternity beyond england.