drip… drip…
a sequence more in tune than the recording corner’s
metronome. strange screams come from the faucet.
plumbing. why is the hot water gone. solo. track.
shower. stove crackle. light. the only one home.

wash with Aveeno. clean the pores of this dry heat oil
based face. aged. weathered. canvas. stretched. wood
frame. and stapled. sideways. vaulted ex-apartment
ceilings. art studio. sliding door window screen. ripped.
torn. up to the handle. creating a “child-door” entry.

itchy throat. from next door neighbor, Dolores’
cigarette smoke. red. green. with a flash
of yellow. on the wall. disco fever. back to red.
screech. stop. silence. crickets. haunted.

there’s something spooky
about working
in the place you
used to live,
make love,
and raise kids.

stopped using plastic bags. for trash.
stopped shopping. a lack of cash.
the recreational money now goes to
the necessities. forcing the love of
the affair to dwindle. brought down.
to it’s knees. two holes in white sheets.

we see (underlined) the unleashed
entrepreneurial system. could not
hasten the form of freedom sought.
because monuments are the view
of gloomy homes. and business
premises lie in grimy, spiritless cities.

I (drop cap) fall under the monopoly
where mass culture is identical. we’re
mental. it’s clear. the lines of this
artificial framework appear. flashing
down the street of wet asphalt.
drip… drip…

– – – – –

two-story. high-rise. urban. city. fire
engine. church bell. ringing. lutheran.
catholic. episcopalian. methodist.
christian science. debating end times.
labeling my crimes. can’t make up
their minds. boo. scared you.