i wish i

i wish i could hug the world. and kiss it’s cheek. i wish i could say that loving jesus was easy. i wish i could feel like everything would be okay. if i just stayed the same. i wish i didn’t have to worry about eating sweets. i wish i could become a bird. tasting with a beak. flying to be free. i wish i learned to break dance better as a kid. or be a mime with sealed lips. i wish my expression in pop-locking. was like one of knowing that no one is watching. i wish i could echo my song across the earth. mode: random and repeat. i wish i knew my place of birth. the soil and seed. i wish it was easier to be good. and not flirt with every beautiful girl. i wish i was stable enough to hold a job. and complete one project at a time. just to be good at one thing. instead of starting a million. leaving them unfinished. i wish my bedroom roof was a convertible. i wish my thoughts right now were not fatal. i wish i didn’t always write a bunch of nonsense in rhyming phrases. i wish all married men didn’t have to masterbate. i wish i didn’t think that these word formations were great. or worthy of any kind of prose. because really. know one will ever know. unless i post. them. i wish i wasn’t such an addict. to this myspace. blog page. i wish i could stay. suspend. but i’m gone. away. i’m dead. the ink is dried up. it’s empty in my pocket.