a tribute to the men

i don’t know burroughs, ginsberg, or saul williams. they’re only names, myths, and legends. charles bukowski — once heard of. never in my vocabulary. until jack henry. influenced by a.j. kaufmann, david arshawsky and antony hitchin. kapowitz, leigh pierce and kami from down unda. the men i read most and know. the words resinate. as i grow up into some state of display. seeds planted. styles adapted. they’re the classics and books will be filled with their tales. tall. skinny. wide. venti. a generation to live by. the beginning to unknown ends. a tribute of conscious. with a clear chorus, “take it back to the concrete streets. original beats. real live mc’s. playground tactics. no rabbit-in-a-hat trick.” to me, “just straight up classic.” this is a tribute to the men i read.