full tank of gas. i’m headin south. neatly trimmed face. around my mouth. chapstick application. jump off the couch. chapstick addiction. a new route.

mind cleared. took the test. step foot on the concrete. did my best. ate left over pizza for breakfast. barefeet. house key. i left the pillows built like a fortress.

lay in the grass. soak up the sun. it came so fast. it’s early. it’s springtime. i forgot the past. dear winter. it couldn’t last. phone calls. drive-bys. big hugs. high-fives. bringing smiles. for miles and miles. or maybe just from ear to ear.

comfort is near. waves crash. sun burning back. ants and sand crawl beneath my toes. it’s matter. it’s fact. it’s a message with an attachment. a flag for freedom. exposed. when the wind blows. verde sauce and cilantro. there’s a peace. on that seat. where the old man sits. it’s nice to meet you. can i see the ingredients to the way you live.

can life get any better?
just when i said never.

the fortune cookie-saying paper-thing. it rests in a crack in my dash. but today it disappeared. like a rich man’s cash. tree sap is thicker than blood ever was. the wind must of taken it. and if it would have asked. i would have been glad to pass it on. advance it. because i memorized it. like my favorite song.