run, silly

run silly. run silly. run silly boy.
from every little thing. in this world.

because it’s never fair. who really wins.
run from america’s. silly opinions. and
stay away from kraft brand. mac and cheese.
and the ones running. porno magazines.
run silly boy. run silly… flee.
from the haters. and pitbull trainers. barking up your tree.
hurry up silly boy. lace up your nikes.

run silly. run silly. run silly boy.
from all silly things. you should really avoid.

from the man’s patent leather coat. run fast
from the woman. doing coke. and the
church acting as a disaster antidote.
run from shots. because you’ll get your shot.
to the top. if you want it. without a gun. or a cartel run.
empty the needle. run from drug dealers.
run with the moon. before they get you.

run from girls in bikinis. and the boys who are greasy.

for class president. if you’re willing
to stand the hot breath. of the press.
mainly the drama. that’s what i meant.
run out of the kitchen. run from mama.
when she’s bitchin. about financial shit.
run from yesterday. and into tomorrow.
run your best today. straight as an arrow.

run silly. run silly. run silly boy.
from all silly things. you should really avoid.

corporate corruption. cougar seduction. run silly boy. run.
from white jeeps. cheap cologne. and tee.vee. but please –
run! d.m.c. and maybe. one day. you’ll be married. so. silly boy. run.
a marathon. from the sound of the gun. to the finish line.
run every step. of your trick or treating. don’t
let your dad. run out of gasoline. or mom’s run
in her stocking stop you. run silly. run. because you got to.

run into the sun. and feel the burn. after another long run.
run the water. the faucet of life. hot and cold. tears are running.
from strife to delight. for the young and old. run silly boy. run.

run silly. run silly. run boy.


and think.

into and
on top of.

the things of this world.

run silly. run! and
don’t stop.