same sky

as the product of two innocent
teenagers testing the waters
i imagine
an uninhibited curiosity with absolute spontaneity and pure playful exploration.

bright eyes.
open minds.

i visualize
these free spirits
in the mid-seventies
wind sailing the pacific coast
of alta california
surfing the moment
of these peaceful beaches
and back again
like the past and future
connecting at the shore.
blending humans perception
of any sort of border.
a teary-eyed throat-choked-up kind of passion holding the giddy feelings in

but couldn’t

because the waves crash in and start to dance with the grains of sand. even if it only happened
it was satisfying enough.

so it’s impossible to mistake me, and associate my beliefs, for an advocate of any borders, or an advocate of any wars.
not even close.

the spirit winds have blown this sense into them. i am a mix of it. and by no means am i a nationalist. i breathe air, i am an earthist. on this turtle.
we all share the same sky.

look up.